Let’s discuss this amazing season in depth with spoilers. First of all, I want to express my general opinion about the show and in particular about this season. It is probably one of the best shows airing nowadays and hasn’t disappointed me even once. If you haven’t seen my non-spoiler review, click here and read it. In there I talk a little bit about what I think this show does so well and why it is so good. But now to the actual spoiler talk.

This season started with a flashforward two weeks after the events of 1×10, which surprised us in certain ways. First, the fact that Bernard was alive and relatively well, but more than that, the fact that many hosts were dead and in a huge sea that was not there previously. As a return from the previous season, the first episode left us in a bit of a confusion, not knowing anything that was happening but set up perfectly everything that it had to. We were also introduced to a similar storytelling mechanic as last season, but this time with the anchor being Bernard instead of William. I really enjoyed how they used the back and forth this season. I was worried, going into it, that it would make mistakes in trying to maintain the storytelling from season 1, but it hit the right spot. Episodes went by and a new mystery was being introduced to us, the Valley Beyond. Episode 2×04 was one of the greatest this season for sure, as it moved between many timelines and delved deeper into the mysteries and true objectives of Delos.

So, the information we had is that probably what the company wanted from the start was to create a way for humans to live forever in synthetic bodies in which their consciousness would be transposed to the orbs. Delos, as we saw, was a failed experiment and went homicidal. Definitely one of the best episodes, there were also many religious symbolisms throughout. After that, they delivered many episodes with a steady climb of the plot and sneak peaks of what was coming in the future (two weeks after). Then, episode 8 arrived and it was completely different from all the ones before. It focused on one of the ‘natives’ from Ghost Nation, Akecheta. Even though it moved away from the storyline, it showed us how this ‘new’ character was connected to pretty much everything from season one and two. It also showed us that they can write pretty much any story and entice us with it.

With everything set, it was time for the finale, the last two episodes. In a little bit over two and a half hours, they made us question everything: our reality, our free will, consciousness, and more. Episode 9 focused a lot on William, The Man in Black, and his past, mainly his relation to his daughter and wife. We saw why the latter killed herself and the different effects it had on the other two members of the family. To finish it off in a mind-blowing way, William killed his own daughter thinking she was fake and created by Ford. At the end of the episode, we saw him questioning whether or not his decisions were real or not if he himself was a host. Besides that, there was also the moment Teddy shot himself, something we knew would happen, but not necessarily in the way it did happen.

And, finally, we were got to episode 10. The astonishing, amazing, incredible, impressive finale of the season that could have been the end of the show and I wouldn’t mind. We were given the answers we wanted the way we deserved and left with questions to ponder in our minds for the next two years or so. The finale had everything. Every storyline converged on the Valley Beyond and we saw Bernard killing Dolores, just to bring her back later. Maeve and her ‘gang’ all dying. The answer to how there were so many dead hosts with no data on the sea. How the sea actually appeared out of nowhere. And other mind-blowing reveals like Dolores being disguised as Hale. I think it was one of the best finales I’ve seen and definitely has me excited for what’s to come. This season was even stronger than the first one, not only in overall quality but also in terms of making us question things around us. If season 1 had me thinking about consciousness and free will, this one had me throwing everything out of the window and considering things I hadn’t before. But you might be noticing I didn’t mention a very import part of the end. William. He pretty much wasn’t on this episode, except on the beginning and parts of the middle. In a twist, he appears going down the elevator just to reach an already destroyed Forge and what it seems to be his daughter (or a host of her). We are given enough hints to believe that that is a host of William, going through tests to prove fidelity and see if he would actually be believable as the Man in Black. Again, an ending that makes us think and that we won’t know the answer for a long time. What is happening there? Is the host of his daughter only in appearance or in mind as well? Why is William going through the fidelity test? Who is conducting the test? Is it Delos or the hosts in the future after they’ve conquered everything? Why is the forge so destroyed? How far in the future is that? I don’t know any of the answers, and I enjoy that. It keeps me excited to see more and figure it out by myself as it reveals parts of the explanations. I’m not worried if next season is going to be good or not, I’m worried that I’ll have to wait two years to see it.


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