An unbelievable continuation. After season 1, which was great and showed us a little bit of how some characters’ thoughts, season 2 delivers something beyond that. It is astonishing what they managed to do. While in season 1 we had a similar structure to other crime series with the forensics team and the detectives with the only difference being Hannibal’s plot behind it all. Season 2 goes truly deep into Will and Hannibal’s psyche. I can’t say much without spoilers, so I’ll just mention general things about it. Characters are much more intriguing this season. They have moments of clarity and confusion. They can make you put yourself in their shoes and experience the situation. The plot is incredible and evolves like nothing I’ve seen. It starts building up from the first episode and grows to gigantic proportions by the end. The tension and build up are done exquisitely. When you reach the finale and experience what is happening, it is mind-blowing. You might think that something mind-blowing must be something unexpected and I disagree. Even though I already expected what happened in the finale, I had a really intense moment watching it. Season 2 corrected the mistakes from season 1 and made a truly masterful work. Hannibal’s story has never been so intriguing, and I want to see more of it. I know that there is another season and I hope it can live up to this one.


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