The pinnacle of unconventional TV and comedy. If you know Louis CK, you will understand the humor right off the bat. However, if you are not used to it, this show will seem really weird to you. Some people would say that you shouldn’t watch this because of the recent sexual harassment accusations against Louis, but that doesn’t take the merit of his work. He is a great comedian, the best one in my opinion. He knows his timing and how to control the audience. He extrapolates in a way that even though is fictitious can have you laughing and believing. Louie is a series that does basically that. If you recorded a show from Louis CK and went on to create real situations out of what he says, this series would be it. Everything in here came from his head as he had complete control of what happened and who was in it. You can see it by the change of actors and plot throughout the seasons. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to finish it and stopped in season 5 without a proper ending. But, there is always a chance he will go back to it and give us an amazing finale. I think you shouldn’t pass this up if you are a fan of his comedy and shouldn’t be held back by his recent harassment accusations as we should appreciate his work for what it is.


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