A show to teach you what you might not know or to entertain you with visuals of knowledge you already have. I’ll start already with my opinion and then tell you why that is. If you are in any way interested in astronomy, you should watch this series. There is only one season so far, but another one is in the works. Cosmos delves deep, but not too deep as to confuse you, in the matters of the universe. You will finish the season knowing at least one new thing and will have had a great experience with Neil and the visuals that are presented. Now to another point. Why is that I’m reviewing Neil’s Cosmos and not Carl Sagan’s one? Basically, it’s because Neil’s is the newest version with ‘updated knowledge’ and amazing graphics and animation. Carl Sagan’s one is still amazing and worth your time, however, if you only have time for one, 2014’s is the one to go. Hopefully, season 2 will be as good as the last one and will go a little deeper into the questions no one knows the answers to.


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