One of the best anime is finally back. After having to wait for over a year, it has finally returned, and it started strong. I would like to begin by pointing out the new opening, which is a lot calmer than the previous ones, but I think it fits with what we saw in this premiere and also leaves this air of curiosity for what may be coming this season. We must also remember that usually, anime that have 24/25 episodes tend to change the opening around episode 14, so the current one is only for the first part of this season. Now to the actual episode. To those who read the manga, not going to spoil anything, this first episode was a lot faster than imagined. They went moved fast through the plot on the house and got to the action. I think they wanted to give people a good first episode instead of a stale one with a lot of character development. Let’s see how they will fit everything they want in these 24 episodes. I hope they don’t rush too much and end up ruining things. They already ended with a great cliffhanger and there is probably many more to come.


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