Great characters and plot…watch out for the ending. This anime is probably a classic by now. It is a great story of Guts and the band of people he ends up meeting and growing with (as a person and a warrior). There are two other characters that I feel I should mention, besides the protagonist, because of how indispensable they are to the plot. These are Griffith and Casca. The former is the best swordmaster we see and teaches Guts a lot throughout the story. Casca, on the other hand, is a great friend of the protagonist, although not at first. The three of them are great warriors and have similar goals. That is as much as I can say about the story. It is basically a strategy game come to life in anime form. I remember that by the end of the series (25 episodes total) I was completely intrigued by the characters and cheered for their victory in the objectives and obstacles they encountered. I sincerely connected with Guts and even Griffith. Their friendship was great and their relation to Casca was also awesome. However, I must say that I didn’t expect for things to go the way they did (don’t worry about spoilers, I won’t say anything). I just need to warn you that the last two episodes are really a complete change from what you have experienced and that it doesn’t have a proper ending. The finale (ep. 24/25) was one of the craziest most absurdly horrible things I’ve seen. It’s gruesome and overall awful (not in terms of quality but in what happens). I should also tell you to skip episode 1 until you’ve finished the season. You will thank me later. As you can see, I obviously recommend the show, but it is not for everyone, even for the regular anime fan.


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