It is over, and it was good. Before I go into my opinion of the show overall and of this season, I want to talk about some specific things about it without going into spoilers. Season 3 has two main plot points and very defined halves. The first 5-6 episodes are basically the aftermath of the events of the season 2 finale and what people are doing after they dealt with the problems. The second half is a spoiler to even mention, so I’ll leave it like that. When I watched the first episode, I was a bit disappointed because of how different it was from the rest of the show and for not being as spectacular as the previous finale. However, that is just because those episodes were in my mind at the time. As I progressed I could understand why the show had been canceled on its third season. First of all, I think it was a proper cancelation. The show had reached its peak, its height, and the final season was only to close loose ends. The first half, that I mentioned, was very much an aftermath without much happening until episode 5 and 6. It was quite boring at times, I must say. When it got to the good parts it was pretty interesting and intriguing. Then, it went on to the second plot, a story I wasn’t enticed for the first 45 minutes. However, it took a nice turn I really enjoyed and had a great finale worth of the show.

Now, to my opinion regarding this season and the show as a whole. Season 3 was not as good as the previous one, but definitely still above average (probably around season 1 level). It had some great moments, but also a lot of slow/boring scenes. There is one thing in particular that I really hated, something that was only present during the first half. It was a character that I saw no real point for existing and that I think could have simply not existed (starts with the letter C). Of both parts of the season, the one I ended up liking the most was the second, especially because of how much focus it had on Hannibal and Will as well as the amount of violence present. I think season 3 had the most gruesome moments of the entire series, maybe it was another reason they canceled it. However, I enjoyed it. The finale was really good as well, not as intense as season 2’s, but definitely worth watching. I think if you were waiting for this review to decide if you should check the show out, I think you are doing it wrong. By my first review, you should have already decided. Hannibal is not a show for everyone that is for sure. There is tons of violence and horrible visuals that not everyone can handle. If you have no problem with that and psychological terror, manipulation and that sort of stuff, go ahead. It is an incredible show.



I want to talk real quick about the show with spoilers. First of all, if you didn’t realize it, the character I hated the most was Chiyoh. She served no real purpose except being a plot device (I really dislike these type of things). Ok, but this is not what I want to talk about. I have to say something about the ending. I really liked it, not so much for them falling off a cliff, but more for the conjoined killing. I think the Great Red Dragon was a great villain for both and a nice way to show how deranged Hannibal is. And it also brought us some of the most gruesome moments on the show, Dr. Chilton’s ‘mouth extraction’ and subsequent roasting. Finally, there was something I couldn’t leave out of this review, the post-credits: Bedelia preparing her own leg. That was crazy. It just made me think of how much influence Hannibal actually has. He made Dr. Du Maurier go absolutely nuts and sever her own member to eat it. But finally, it is over. When I said that the show was right to be canceled I meant that I think everything good has to come to an end before it gets worse. Hannibal did right and I would only accept a continuation if it was for a quick rework of the Silence of the Lambs with the cast of the show.


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