The unnecessary finale. Going back to this show after a while made me, unfortunately, remember everything that was bad about it. There is so much needless drama over small things and forced problems. I despise most characters at this point because of how much they complain. And it’s not like the difficulties and objectives they face are new, it’s a rehash of old plot points. The Originals definitely should have ended in season 3 or 4. The ending for both those seasons was better than this one. They wanted to tie everything up and give you an answer for what was going to happen in the future for those characters. However, they didn’t understand that a good story doesn’t need to answer these types of questions. You can leave the ending open in certain points and the audience will have their minds filled with possibilities of how the future could go, even though the show is over. An ending that solves absolutely everything doesn’t have people talking about it for that long afterward (only in certain cases where the show itself was incredible from start to finish). Another problem I think they encountered was actually finding a fitting ending. In my opinion, they failed at that. I don’t want to spoil the show for those who are fans, but it’s not something unexpected or new. You could see it coming and it wasn’t as well delivered as it could have been. The finale for season 3 and 4 was much more impactful and emotional than this one. My final opinion about the series is that is has a consistent first season, drops in quality as it goes but can still have you interested in it. However, season 5 is overall disappointing as a conclusion.


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