An uninteresting overrated movie. I hear so many people praising this movie like it’s the best sci-fi out there. It is not. The plot is badly handled, and characters are completely unrelatable and uninteresting. The aliens feel fake with the CGI and have not that much depth. However, I won’t say that the movie is bad in every way. There was a reason I wanted to watch it when I heard about it the first time. The premise is really cool, it has an incredible potential that I feel was wasted. If there is a movie that could benefit from a reboot is this one, with a good director and better cast. The whole idea of having aliens that are not here to kill us all, invade the planet or whatever other plots that have been done multiple times, and instead are looking for a place to stay as they get their things together is really compelling. Also, the way humans react to the existence of these horrible creatures is realistic. They want them as far away from them as possible. Another point that I think they managed correctly was that these creatures didn’t descend upon New York, but on South Africa (if I’m not mistaken). So, all of these factors could have made an excellent movie. What went wrong? The actors didn’t convince me, and the main plot was weak. The finale also didn’t leave an impression and I can only remember this movie by how let down I was.


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