One of the greatest grand strategy games on PC. I’m a big fan of strategy games in general and have played countless of them. Before I knew about Europa I had a concept about these types of games. They were usually simple with some decisions to make, but nothing that would take too long to learn or be hard enough to challenge me that much. When I finally got this game in a steam sale, I realized I had been missing on the other side of these games. Strategies that were not just about attacking or defending, winning or losing or whatever other things that it could be. Europa is in another level for this genre, together with some other games that I might review here one day. In Universalis IV you have control of your kingdom and basically everything that goes inside it. You can have royal marriages to increase influence and friendship with other countries, you can colonize and discover uncharted lands and even form new countries by conquering provinces around you. This game is full of things and that is why I have over 300 hours on it. There is so much to do and every time it is different. Your objective is not to simply conquer everyone. Depending on which country you choose, the objective is up to you. You might want to be a small kingdom focused on trade or a huge land empire or a colonial giant. Anything you want is probably achievable within the rules of the game. However, it is not perfect. Europa is indeed very complete if you have the main game and all of its DLC and that is the problem. For you to get everything, you need to spend a lot of money. Without its DLC, the game is not as fun and might even be a bit annoying. So, if you decide that you want to start playing, be prepared for the hefty price that comes with it.


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