A disturbing beginning to a long show. When you hear about a show that is based on an old film that was based on an even older book, you can’t believe it will be good, especially if you know that it is a prequel of one of the most classic movies of the past century. However, Bates Motel in its first season manages to capture my interest a lot and throw me into what is happening, immerse me in the story. I don’t know why, but I have been into this kind of show for the past semester or so. Last time it was Hannibal, a show from the perspective of a manipulative psychopath serial killer. It is not that different this time. Bates Motel is the story of Norman Bates, for the most part. He is in the process of becoming a psychotic serial killer as well. The show delves into some very disturbing themes. It has ways of getting you uncomfortable that are not as visual as Hannibal, but similarly psychological. The two main characters that I would say are the mother and the son, and you have, in this first season, a very troubled feeling about them. The show can have you frustrated as some situations are out of your control, but make you want to be there to fix the problem or prevent it. That is basically the relation the audience has with these two characters. Sometimes you’ll hate them, and sometimes you’ll like them. Secondary characters are great, they all have some weight on the plot and are more likable than the protagonist. If you haven’t seen the movie this show is based on, go check it out before the series. I think both are definitely worth watching, but the movie should be seen first for the surprise effect. So far, the show has been very entertaining and I hope it continues like this for the next 4 seasons.



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