A weak crime drama disguised by the popularity of a character. I started watching Elementary before I ever knew about BBC’s Sherlock. I was searching for a show about this amazing character and ended up finding this show. At first, my excitement and bad judgment at the time made me like it. The first season was average, but I thought it would get much better. As time went by I saw that it became childish. The plot was worst each time around and characters were just not the ones they were based on. I do understand that it is not supposed to be the original Sherlock and there are many differences. However, if you name your characters after famous ones you have to at least bring something from them. As I said, the beginning of the show had a little of that. There were traces of those original characters. As seasons rolled, these fragments became scarce. When I finally decided to stop watching it, I realized how different things had become. It stopped being a different approach to Sherlock and became a childish series for those who have nothing better to do in their free time. I hope I made my opinion very clear. I do not recommend Elementary, not even for the strongest Sherlock fans.


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