A movie I didn’t expect to end up watching. It has been a while already, but I’ve been tired of superhero movies. Somehow, I can’t completely run away from them. I thought the Avengers movie was the last one I would end up watching, but here I am. I was actually invited to watch and review this film so I will talk about it as honestly as I can. I won’t be saying it is good just because I got an invitation. I think Ant-Man and the Wasp shouldn’t exist or, if they really wanted to make it a thing, they should have hired better screenwriters. One of the reasons I can’t stand this genre of movies anymore is the repetition of the plot. It is always the same unrelatable, simple, quick story with villains that are not even deep enough to be considered villains. The problem is that hardcore fans cannot see these mistakes and continue to give money to the company proving that their mold of mass film production is working and profiting. Fight scenes are better, and comedy is funny sometimes, but it doesn’t make up for the lack of reason for its existence. If the reason for it to be created is to entertain than why can’t you make something more original that works as entertainment? And, if the reason is to prepare the audience for another movie that is coming next year, then it failed as a movie. I guess this review won’t change the minds of those Marvel fans and that is because no matter what happens you will always be there defending them. But, please, remember something, even the things you love are not perfect.


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