A consistent continuation. I must say first of all that the first half of this season didn’t involve me as much as last season. The dramas and the problems were a little frustrating, especially Norman’s behavior. I think his character was the weakest in likability this time. The secondary characters had their time to shine and did it well. Every one of them showed what they are good for and had me cheering for them or wishing their demise. Emma, however, was the least exploited one and I even felt bad for her (most of the time actually). She is one of the best characters in my opinion. Norma and Alex Romero delivered remarkable performances as well as Dylan. I think the plot of this season was a little too big in the sense of the impact it had on the overall community that made it feel a little distant and harder to immerse me. However, the season was not at all bad, it just didn’t reach the level of the previous one. I can’t say much about it without going into spoilers, but I enjoyed Norman’s change in behavior and his slow transformation into the character we know from the movie. Norma was also really interesting as she showed how important her son was too her and her influence over him. I just hope (not actually) that what is coming is not as bad (for the characters) as I believe it will be.


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