An unfunny comedy but an engaging adventure. I was in need of something lighter without so much drama and this was what I thought would be perfect. I think I made a good choice. It is neither the best nor the funniest animated show out there but can have you forgetting about other stuff and just immerse you a little bit in the lives of these characters. Although I said it is unfunny, I don’t mean it in a bad way. Some people might laugh watching these, but I would bet these would be children or teens. The comedy style for the show is very childish but doesn’t make the series childish in general. I still liked it. The plot is very simple and will have you not care about it. That I think is the point after all. The story isn’t what the show proposes as the main objective here, but to engage you in these characters and have you cheering for them as you relax through their adventures, and maybe even have a laugh or two. Some people I talked with about Final Space told me that they had to watch some episodes before they got into it and they never really like the humor. That is very subjective indeed. I already said I didn’t laugh a single time, but it didn’t make it less enjoyable. I think that if you are worrying too much or need to change a bit the genre you are used to watching, Final Space can give you a short break from it. There are only 10 episodes so far, so even if you feel like you lost your time, it won’t be that much of it.


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