The mentally exhausting yet rewarding season. Wow, I have to just begin by stating how good the final episodes of this season were. The first few ones were quite slow, and the plot was a little all over the place and didn’t convince me at first. However, the show paid off by delivering an amazing second half. From episode 5 and onward the series took a turn. The sixth episode might be one of my favorites so far of the entire show. This season had basically everything you could ask. Norman was a frustrating character but on purpose. He made me uncomfortable and angry at some points. If the secondary characters had received improvements in the second season, in this one they were even better handled. Emma and Dylan became some of my favorite characters and Alex Romero was also incredible with an amazing performance and plot around him. Norma goes without saying, she was almost the other protagonist, if not the actual protagonist. Her presence makes the show. The plot, as I said, was a too usual at first, maybe because it had so much focus on problems not so much related to the Bates family. However, once it got connected, it made for an amazing season. It didn’t come without some drawbacks though. The episodes left me exhausted mentally as there was so much going on and so much to process that I needed a break from time to time. The show does not give you time to breathe as events after events happen. But, in general, the show is very fluid in how it connects the plot from one season to another and the characters’ stories so that makes up for anything. I believe this season is even better than season 1, even though it had a rough start. I hope what is coming can leave up to it.


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