A bit of an overrated show, but still has its fun moments. I had no intention of watching this series. I didn’t like the premise that much as there are many movies and other media about the same theme. However, I lost a bet with a friend of mine and he made me go through it all. So, I’ll use the opportunity to write a review with my opinion about it. To start it off, I liked La Casa de Papel, it is very entertaining, and it didn’t feel like total wasted time. But, to those people saying that it is incredible and a very smart TV series, I’m sorry to say but this is nothing more than a pastime with ordinary plot and character to have you enticed for a few hours. I won’t criticize it much for this, because entertainment is the objective here. The point I want to make is that people jump to some conclusions that are not exactly truthful. If you want something with a lot of thought going into it, watch Westworld or Death Note or Breaking Bad or any other out there. I’m not bashing the show here, ok? I’m just telling you that even though you might have heard it to be one of the best TV shows from today, it is not. There are many coincidences and conveniences that are used to move the story forward. They don’t feel real. Characters are relatable and probably what makes you keep watching. The plot is not that incredible, basically, it is a longer version of Inside Man (if you don’t know this movie, it’s quite fun, like the show, probably an inspiration). The finale is by far the worst part, but I won’t go into it. By the way, I decided to review both seasons at the same time because the show is too connected, there is no reason to watch only the first, the plot is the same. In the end, I think there are better shows out there with better themes and executions. But, if you are a true fan of the heist genre, then go ahead, you’ll at least have some fun.


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