Exactly the opposite I was expecting. This movie had me hoping for a strong thriller during the Halloween night and it wasn’t. It tells the story of some people and what they were doing during Halloween, while a certain monster runs loose causing problems for most of them. The movie gets worse very quickly even though it had a great start and first introduction to characters. There are about four to five different groups that the story follows and not one of them is interesting enough for you to care for them. Maybe it was because it had little time to focus on each of them, but the point here is that it doesn’t matter what their destiny is, you won’t really feel bad or happy. The film somehow shifts from the original idea, at least what is introduced in the first scene, and starts going completely crazy. It had its nice moments, though. I liked the first 35-40% of the movie, but it just derailed from there. It is not completely bad and maybe not that much of a waste of time if you like horror, but I don’t think it brings anything new to the table.


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