An intimate and unsettling season. Again, I’m surprised by what this show has brought. Even though none of the reveals so far have actually surprised me, the way they handle situations is very interesting and done the way it should be done. There were episodes that had me frustrated and pausing it several times out of anger. Norman’s character was the main cause for all of this, but his mother was also right up there. These two are the conductors of the story and the ones we expect to see, even though we might not like them as much as some other secondary characters. Emma and Dylan, although present throughout all ten episodes, was not very impactful this time around. They had their own storyline a little separate from the main one. Romero stepped up again, another season with a big presence. There is not much to tell about them without spoilers, so I’ll just mention a couple other things about the season. It took a different approach from the previous ones. Instead of having a main outside problem that ended up affecting them, it had a problem that started from the inside and lasted for the entire season, a bit more intimate in its plot. There were truly memorable moments and I think they did a great job again. However, for me, it didn’t get to the level of season 3 or season 1, maybe because it got me frustrated so many times (on purpose). But, it didn’t fail to get me excited for the finale, only ten episodes left.


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