A good first episode that sets up a possible successful season. I know this show has been around a while now, but I just realized it exists, so I went and watched its first episode. I thought it would be nice to talk about it and maybe introduce it to people and my first opinions just in case anyone is reserved about maybe starting it. Since I haven’t finished it yet, I cannot say if it is as good as I hope it will be, but there are some particular points that might convince you to give it a try or skip it. The story revolves around mothers and a murder that seems connected to some of them. The storytelling is very interesting as it shifts from the past, the story we are actually following, and the future, the place we are heading when the murder happened. It has a compelling plot, not much for the murder mystery, but for the lives of the characters and the motive it led them to possibly commit such an act. Each person on the show has their individual characteristic and personality, so they are very distinct and easily recognizable. One of the best things about it is that it creates situations in which you don’t know who is right or wrong or who to side with. In this first episode, there was such a scene and I didn’t know who to believe. Because they are all mothers, you can understand their perspective when talking and caring for their children. I think the series also goes around this difficulty that mothers have of raising a good child and their responsibility to be present and inability to work because of it. This is what I have for the first episode, I thought it was promising and I will definitely bring a review of the whole season once I’m finished. The cast is very strong with such names as Nicole Kidman, so If you liked the premise and what I said about it this is a show for you to binge on your weekend.


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