A very compelling alternative story. When I started the first episode I thought of it as a bit childish. The problem seemed to grow into huge proportions. Once I finally understood the idea for the show, I got addicted to it. It has an amazing alternative storytelling method with an incredible spin on the crime/detective genre. I was really compelled by the plot and its development as well as the characters that were being introduced. It is a show that never bores you and can have you trying to be part of the investigation as much as the characters themselves. It is also a comedy. However, it won’t make you laugh as jokes are thrown at you. The funny bits are from situations and character interactions. You will be entertained most of the time with either the development of the plot or the side stories for the characters. I’m sure it will grab you quickly. After I was done with it, I felt like I had spent some nice hours watching it. Season 2 came out today and I want to watch it until next week. The finale for the first season was satisfying and made me want to see what they would bring next. After I finish the new season, I’ll be sure to bring the review to the blog. But, for now, I can recommend that you take a look at this first 10 episodes and see for yourself how compelling it can be.


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