A quick entertaining watch. It is one of those series that can get your attention quickly for its plot idea. The autistic teenager trying to get by with the help from family and friends in a comedic fashion. Having only 30-minute episodes also helps as they go by really fast but can contain a lot of information. The characters are mostly likable, except for a few individuals that got me somewhat frustrated. The mother definitely had the most frustrating parts and was the least enjoyable character for her predictability and shallowness. Her moments with Sam, the protagonist, also were very obnoxious. She is extremely overprotective and understandably so. But the problems that come from her protection are too cliché, making the show sometimes feel unrealistic as I’ve seen similar situations play out in several other shows. The whole autism concept is nice to give people a perspective of what a person that suffers from it has to go through every day. I enjoyed this season even though it frustrated me. Season 2 is much better, but its review is not coming until next week.


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