A strong sequel that avoided redundancy. I cannot say with certainty whether or not this season is better than its predecessor. However, it manages to stray away from simple changes to the plot and characters. It introduces a completely different take on vandalism that I definitely didn’t expect (talking about the ending here, you will understand if you watch it). The plot this time felt a lot more serious from the start. Whilst season 1 had what seemed more like a parody to the whole documentary, crime and detective genre, this time they delve deeper into these styles and produce a strong story with less of a comedic factor. Still, I don’t think it fully lived up to last season. It definitely improved in many aspects, but others could be viewed as simple changes to the whole idea that are neither good nor bad, just a shift in some of the characteristics. First of all, the vandalism this time is a lot harsher than previously. It created a chaos amongst every student and faculty member that was targeted, so it is understandable that there would be severe consequences. However, it felt like a lighter sentence for the accused student than for Dylan. For someone who just basically humiliated the entire school, it felt too weak of a punishment. One of the main problems I had this time around was the lack of relatability to the characters and the situation. Obviously that you would hardly relate to the situation, but the important part of any show is to get you to connect with the characters. A connection only forms halfway through the season, too late for an 8 episode show. I believe this connection problem is due to the ‘filmmakers’ (students that are filming the documentary) not being present as much on the case as last time. Season 1 had a much more familiar feeling because of it being filmed in the same school that the filmmakers are going. It wouldn’t have been such a big problem if the characters were as interesting and fun. As the season progresses, I think it evolves in many ways. In the end, American Vandal season 2 is worth your time if you already watched the first one. The conclusion is sort of unexpected and has a much larger impact than before. I just hope it doesn’t fall into the category of those shows that don’t know when to stop…


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