A season that elevates its qualities from the start. Season 2 was much better than the first one. I shouldn’t say ‘much’ better, but I believe it was. While in the last one I was interested in the plot and some of the characters, in this one I was truly invested. Sam’s plot was deeper and much more developed as you already got to know him before. The mother wasn’t as annoying, and the father played a bigger role. Cassey was the focus and the highlight. Her storyline was not only compelling but also took her character to another level. I was particularly invested in the plot of this season because of Casey. She is much more relatable than any of the others. This time, she is going through some difficulties in the new school and has to learn how to deal with them by herself while worrying about her family falling apart. This season had a different feeling mainly because instead of creating new problems, they had to deal with the ones presented in the previous season. Everything felt like a consequence of what we had seen, and it was more rewarding to see the characters fighting it. There were two problems, however, that I had. The first one being the whole Julia side-plot. I didn’t see the importance in it. Maybe they are preparing her character for a larger role in future seasons, but for now, I think it was a waste of screen time. The other small problem was the life lessons the show tries to narrate to you through Sam’s voice at the end of episodes with analogies to Antarctica. This also happened in season 1 and I looked past it, but this time I feel like it is too much. They should let us take our own conclusion about what is going on. Also, the analogies were too repetitive. I understood that, at first, it was Sam reaching a conclusion and making a parallel with his favorite hobby. But that got old. I don’t think any of these problems reduces the quality of the season. I just think that it should be taken into consideration when moving forward. Atypical season 2 is definitely worth your time if you went through the first one.


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