The episodes with weirdly incomprehensible characters and plot. The premiere was really weird and possibly a bad choice for a pilot. I wasn’t at all submerged in the story and characters, in general, felt weak even though they are portrayed by big-time celebrities. Owen (Jonah Hill) is a very depressing individual that made it hard for me to stick around for more. It was hard to connect/relate to any person on the show. Their reality feels too distant from ours as well as their personality and state of mind. The depressing tone seems to be the point; however, it makes the show’s enjoyment harder for the audience. The plot is promising overall and made me want to stick for more to see where it was heading. Episode 2 was far more entertaining with Annie (Emma Stone). Her character is a lot more relatable and interesting. It also felt like we got deeper in her mind in the second episode than into Owen’s in the pilot. What the premiere hadn’t done, the second episode got it. I’m now much more excited for the whole plot than before, but I still dislike Jonah Hill’s character and don’t care much about what happens to him. The idea of this sort of dystopian future with a technological advance similar to blade runner is what probably got the most interest out of me. I love this depressing view of what will become. That is a red flag for some people, so if you enjoy this type of thing, Maniac will be a good choice for a TV show. Last but not least, I have to say that this series is not for those people searching for Friday night entertainment. This is a show about a plot and a deeper view of the characters, so it is not a fun time to rest your mind. Be aware of that before you get into it.


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