A great and special return to this beautiful series. And, like always, Rebecca and Jack’s relationship steal the show with the greatest moments and most anticipated scenes. Not that the other characters are not as enticing, because they are. The thing is, we already know what happens to the ‘parents’ and it is awesome to see their progression once you know all their stories. The start of this premiere shows us the aftermath of last season’s finale as well as prepare us for another cliffhanger that is actually just a continuation of another one that happened last season. Another amazing part was the intercalation of the story of the ‘parents’ with the football star as well as its connection to the present. The speech in the background in certain scenes can really create an atmosphere. The return of this show is really fulfilling and makes an impact. This Is Us has a different storytelling method from other shows that gives characters their proper moment to shine and can make anyone relatable under certain circumstances. In this premiere, we could see the foreshadowing of this season’s plotline, for both Jack and the Big Three. The only problem I had was Kate. Her struggles seem to always go back to the same roots and are starting to feel less and less impactful. However, if this series knows how to do something is to end an episode making you want to see more. The ending was remarkable enough to make me forget my problems with Kate and wait to see how it will all develop.

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