A pretty funny, entertaining, somewhat deep (character-wise) and unexpected Australian show. I didn’t know about this show until I was scrolling through the recently released tv series and this one got my attention. I skipped the synopsis since episodes were only 20 minutes each and only two had come out. It pleasantly surprised me.  For something I had no expectations, it not only exceeded it but also got my attention to the point of making the protagonist relatable and human enough to entice me from the start of the pilot. I felt like, going into episode 2, that I already liked the main character and empathized with his problems. The plot is about this guy who works in a shady business or something (it’s not really explicit). But, in contrast to other shows where this guy would be just a simple badass with just enough humane qualities to make us like them, Mr. Inbetween moves away from that idea and gives us a much deeper look into personality rather than character. If I would make a comparison that came into my mind when I started watching it, it would be with Mike from Breaking Bad. They are not similar at all, except in how they handle their situations. They care about something in their lives and want to help the best way they can. However, while Mike has some humane characteristics that don’t really show that often, Ray’s feelings seem to be a main point for the show. His hardships with love add a specific tone. I’m really invested in the series already and waiting for what’s coming next.


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