The complex plot that works better if binge-watched. Castle Rock has a weirdly developed story that is not really understandable if watched sparingly. It’s one of those shows that you either sit and watch it in its entirety or you will miss something and not understand the whole thing. The plot, as I said, is slightly confusing if you don’t pay attention and have a good memory and it reminded me a lot of Dark’s story. Dark is Netflix show with the same length as this season that has a very similar plot. A child disappears and there are mysteries behind that could be considered sci-fi-esque. However, in contrast to the Netflix German series, Castle Rock got my attention much quicker. Characters weren’t necessarily relatable, but the main cast was good enough to have you like them. The main difference, I think, between this show and the similar Netflix one is how emotional characters can be with situations. I’m not going to criticize the entire German/’Nordic’ filmography, but their movies and TV shows are cold (emotionally). They don’t seem to express emotion enough, so it comes across as cold and non-relatable, at least to audiences that are used to American and Canadian series. Castle Rock, however, is based on a Stephen King story, so you know it has something good about it. If you are interested in seeing how this show develops or are in any way trying to decide whether or not you should start it, remember that it’s a slowly developing and complex show that will require your attention if you want to appreciate it. This show, in the end, was entertaining, especially when binge-watched. However, its ending was lacking as it didn’t really answer much of what we expected it to and left us clueless until season 2 comes.


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