The great season that consolidated this anime as one of the best.Season 3 of My Hero was several times better than the others. It had moments that I’ll be remembering for a long time and that has left a mark on the show. While season 1 and 2 had their epic moments and some interesting character developments. This season had everything both before it had and more. I can name from the top of my head 4 episodes that were especially surprising and memorable (I won’t actually write them to avoid any spoilers). Izuku is a much different and improved character from the one we knew in the beginning. He has grown as a person and as a hero. Bakugo also got a lot of the spotlight. His character gained a new depth and became more relatable. It was a season about true heroism, the consequence of actions and how much a hero has to give in order to truly save others. Villains had little impact this season in comparison to the other ones. While they were a lot of the focus before, season 3, as I said, focus a lot more on the heroes. I think that this change in the storytelling also created a new original feeling to the show. Many usual clichés disappeared. If you had stopped watching the show in season 1 or two, I think it is worth giving it a try again and see for yourself the improvement it had. Overall, I loved this season as it made me excited every week for a new episode.


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