A story about dead people coping with the knowledge of their demise (not as dark as it sounds). Obviously, the plot is not exactly that. The story is about some people (four to be exact) that end up in the Good Place, a region of the afterlife. In this place, which only good people are supposed to go, these four individuals realize they do not belong there as they realize their identities have been confused with actually good people who are suffering in the Bad Place in their stead. That is the plot for both seasons basically and possibly for the third one, which started last week. Is it a fun show? Yes, to some people. Although it feels forced sometimes and not everyone would enjoy. It is a full-on comedy with no actual drama. Even intense moments (at least that would be intense for anyone in their place) are not impactful because it is taken lightly. However, I don’t see it as a problem. On the other hand, I think it fits with the proposal of the show. If something, it is always consistent (characters, plot, theme, setting, everything). It entertained me every time I watched so it didn’t fail as a series. It also got renewed twice (for the second and third season), so it means something. Before going into it, be sure that is something you would enjoy, otherwise it will simply be a waste of your time.


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