A great and emotional account of life. What I thought to be a little silly at first became the amazing experience I went through watching this. This Is Us is not only about the characters and their problems, but also about life itself and how different people deal with adversities. This is not the genre I’m used to watching, but after seeing it I want more. The main thing that made me stick to see the episodes after the pilot was the premiere’s finale. I won’t spoil it because it’s definitely worth seeing it for yourself. But, after a slightly silly premiere episode with some forced jokes, I thought I was on the wrong genre. It seemed like one of those random life stories with no purpose. As it went on, the plot unraveled and gave me a different perspective on those obstacles that were put in front of the characters. I think This Is Us works to give everyone a way to handle their own difficulties and also to teach you to see them with a different eye, maybe not take everything so seriously. The life problems portraited are very realistic and don’t feel forced or scripted. At least that is what I got from it, maybe you will have a completely opposite view. But don’t get me wrong, the show is still also about the characters and their life, it is entertaining. After you connect with them, the story will flow better, and you will better understand the points the show brings up. There are people who will watch and cry or both happiness and sadness. There will be characters that will stick with you, that you will have a special connection to them. Because it is such a diverse show, portraying so many different views of the world through the protagonists, you will definitely find someone in there with which your problems in life relate the most to. It’s a very emotional experience and maybe it is not for everyone, but it is was sure worth my time.


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