An example of a well-constructed episode that did not require action to function. I wasn’t planning on talking about this episode, but now that I saw it, I have to say something. It isn’t much because of how good it is, there are other great episodes like this. The thing that differentiates this one from others is how well it can grab your attention with only a secondary story that also has a big effect on the main plot. There is little to no action in this episode and I had such a great time watching that I didn’t want it to end. This was probably the episode this season that made me want to see the next episode as fast as I can. It is impressive how they made me care for the story of this old commander that I can’t even remember the name right now in just 20 minutes. There was a depth to it as well. After all, I think that is what Attack on Titan has to offer as its best quality, character/personality depth. In season 2 we got Reiner’s insanity and Ymir’s confusion/loneliness. Eren has been a progressing character from the beginning and his psychology developed simultaneously as well. His goal as well as the means of achieving it are still the same but feel different because of how he feels about approaching it. Other characters also got a lot of screen time, not exactly in this episode, which is the focus of this ‘what about’, but in the last arc (Kenny, Levi, and Historia mainly). There is not much else to talk about. It was a developing episode that had me more excited than some of the best fight scenes.


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