The restart with a completely different vibe. The new Doctor is here as Jodie Whittaker and she does an excellent job. Her character is funny and full of energy. Her personality gives us, viewers, a sense of enjoyment. As a premiere for her, it worked great. The plot was also intriguing enough, although it had a few usual problems. The vibe of the show changed a lot, at least in this episode. It was a little suspenseful at some points and comedic in others like we are normally used to in Doctor Who. However, it had a different feel to it all. The dialogue was all over the place, not in a bad way, but in the sense that there was always a lot of people talking. It felt like every thought they had was turned into dialogue. The secondary characters are much more enjoyable than the previous ones from other doctors, especially because they got more depth in this one episode than the others in seasons. There was also a background theme of perseverance, mainly with Ryan (Tosin Cole). Overall, the episode felt more like a completely different show rather than a Doctor Who episode, even though it had enough moments to remind you of what you are watching. I can’t say anything for sure about this new series, but I have high hopes now after this premiere.


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