The slow plot progress with an impressive finale. Better Call Saul had an impactful season 3 finale and this season had to live up to it, explain everything, show the consequences and progress the story in its own way. It had a strong beginning, basically focusing on the consequences of the events of the finale and the emotions of the people affected. However, that soon faded, and the plot became thinner, slower and sometimes boring. There were three plots going on this season. Of the three, only one had something to do with Jimmy. For most of the season, I wasn’t interested in what was going on with Hector and Mike, it wasn’t interesting enough for a season-wide plot. Hector brought nothing that we didn’t know already and just served to show us how everything happened leading up to Breaking Bad. Mike’s plot was probably the least interesting of all the seasons so far. It was also just a preparation for the events of Breaking Bad. Jimmy’s plot was the greatest point this season. It had a slow middle development, but such an amazing four final episode conclusion that made it worth it. The finale was impactful, not only on his plot but on the others as well. If you were worried that no crucial development was going to happen, wait until the final episodes and you’ll see. The finale itself was one of the best parts, worthy of its predecessor and the name it carries.


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