The Flash is back with another season. Will this one be better than the previous? The premiere had an interesting plot. It addressed all the problems from last season’s finale and had a simple background story with Gridlock. Nora became a better character in this first episode than ever in her short appearances in prior episodes. She seems to be interesting enough to become a part of the team. Usually, a premiere serves the purpose to establish the base of the main plot of the season and it was what happened here. The only problem with was that the villain and story don’t seem compelling enough. And, knowing how the show works, there are going to be many filler episodes focusing on secondary plots (some already established) that no one cares about. I believe that for these CW shows, 12-16 episodes should suffice. A good plot can be developed easily and with quality in this amount of time. Look at Daredevil for instance. The idea of extending the season only hurts the production and writing of the show, which was the biggest problem they had last season, losing many viewers due to lack of consistency and uninteresting stories. I just hope they have learned from past mistakes and dedicate their time and effort for a better season this time around.


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