Such a great an unpretentious show. As I said in my what about for the first couple of episodes, I had no knowledge of this show until I was searching for new releases. Mr. Inbetween caught my eye and compelled me into watching it in its pilot. I still don’t know what the series is about and what is the protagonist job is exactly. However, I know that in this quick 6 episodes, the show surprised me in how much it made me enjoy the time I spent with it. Characters are unique and realistic in their own way. They are different from what we are normally used to in American TV shows, but it is interesting to see a different view from Australia. Due to it being such a quick watch, I think everyone should give it a try. Episodes are around 20 minutes long and this season has a total of 6 episodes. Characters are relatable even though they might be completely different from your reality. Actually, I shouldn’t say that only characters are relatable, but certain situations are as well. There is no main plot, but some recurrent actors that have sort of an impact in a general plot. I don’t have much else to say, it is an unpretentious show that succeeds in entertaining, worthy of your time.


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