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Elementary (Seasons 1-3) – UR

A weak crime drama disguised by the popularity of a character. Continue reading “Elementary (Seasons 1-3) – UR”


Unfinished Reviews

These reviews will be very similar to paragraph and pocket reviews in the sense that they will be short, around two paragraphs to a maximum of five. The objective here is to review certain things that for some reason I never finished. I’ll give an example. If I start a TV show and halfway through I suddenly stop and never go back to it, this is the category I would put the review in. Since I did not finish the entire show, I can’t have a full opinion on the subject, but maybe there’s a reason I stopped watching that I would like to share. Maybe the series was so bad that I just couldn’t bear watching another minute of it. Or maybe it was such a strong *genre* movie that it didn’t appeal to me but could appeal to others.

This will be the place I’ll share these experiences and maybe save you from losing too much of your time.