Paragraph Reviews

With this type of review, I want to be able to express my opinion on a certain subject in just a simple paragraph. I’ll tell the reason I certain thing is good or why it is bad, explaining my point of view and why I think it is worth it or not. With the way things are going today, people want a short opinion that would direct them or not to a specific entertainment. I hope this is an interesting format that would make you want to come back to see more. Note: I do not give any movie, TV show, game or anything else a rating, as I think it is arbitrary if someone will like it or not, that is why I point out the good and bad on a movie without spoiling anything.


Pocket Reviews

These type of reviews are for those movies, TV shows, games and other media that I deem necessary to express my opinion in more detail. I’ll give the example of movies. Some can be easily pitched in a paragraph, they can be good with few mistakes or bad with little correct hits. However, some movies are not actually bad and not actually good, they vary a lot from people to people. So, for those movies, I have this separate category where I’m going to analyze the ones that don’t exactly fit in the paragraph reviews. I’ll still make the other reviews for them, but there are going to be more detailed versions in this category.