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Berserk (1997) – PR

Great characters and plot…watch out for the ending. Continue reading “Berserk (1997) – PR”


Attack on Titan (Season 1-2 + OVA’s) – A Pocket Review

One of the best and definitely one of my favorite anime. It is not without its problems like everything, but I must say that it’s incredible. If you don’t know, it is about humanity trying to survive the threat of the Titans, creatures that almost no one knows anything about. Attack on Titan is returning this year for its third season and I’m really excited for it. It is not just another anime to add to the long list of already existing anime with violence. It has a different kind of charm to it and some deeper themes sprinkled throughout it. For what I’ve seen of what has come out thus far, it has absurd potential. Continue reading “Attack on Titan (Season 1-2 + OVA’s) – A Pocket Review”