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What about… Attack on Titan 3×11


An example of a well-constructed episode that did not require action to function. Continue reading “What about… Attack on Titan 3×11”


Castle Rock (Season 1) – PR

The complex plot that works better if binge-watched. Continue reading “Castle Rock (Season 1) – PR”

Bates Motel (Season 4) – PR

An intimate and unsettling season. Continue reading “Bates Motel (Season 4) – PR”

Trick ‘r Treat – PR

Exactly the opposite I was expecting. Continue reading “Trick ‘r Treat – PR”

Bates Motel (Season 3) – PR

The mentally exhausting yet rewarding season. Continue reading “Bates Motel (Season 3) – PR”

Bates Motel (Season 2) – PR

A consistent continuation. Continue reading “Bates Motel (Season 2) – PR”

Bates Motel (Season 1) – PR

A disturbing beginning to a long show. Continue reading “Bates Motel (Season 1) – PR”