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Note #5

I know I still haven’t posted the review for the last season of Bates Motel as well as my final opinions about the show and that is because I have been busy with some other stuff recently. So, this week is not going to be Bates Motel and instead, I’m reviewing American Vandal season 1. The next season has just been released and I’ll try to bring the review for next week. Bates season 5 will have to wait a bit.


Note #3

Today there is going to be a post around the same time as always. In this case, it is going to be Hannibal season 3. I ended the show and as you might have noticed, published a review for each individual season that I finished. I want to continue doing that with the shows that I watch. So for the next series that I binge, I’ll try to post one review for the season on a Friday. But don’t expect me to be able to end however many episodes needed in a week. It happened with Hannibal and it might happen again, when I don’t have the time to finish a season, I’ll just publish a usual review about something that I’ve already watched.