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What about… This Is Us 3×01


A great and special return to this beautiful series. Continue reading “What about… This Is Us 3×01”


La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) – PR

A bit of an overrated show, but still has its fun moments. Continue reading “La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) – PR”

Oldboy – A Paragraph Review

A well-developed strong drama. Continue reading “Oldboy – A Paragraph Review”

Let the Right One In – A Paragraph Review

A very strange and weird ‘thriller’. Continue reading “Let the Right One In – A Paragraph Review”

Kingsman: The Golden Circle – A Paragraph Review

Another case of an unsatisfactory sequel. Continue reading “Kingsman: The Golden Circle – A Paragraph Review”

The Flash (Season 4) – A Paragraph Review

A divider of audiences, the unbearable season. Continue reading “The Flash (Season 4) – A Paragraph Review”

Gotham (Season 4) – A Pocket Review

The pleasant surprise. Continue reading “Gotham (Season 4) – A Pocket Review”