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The Good Place (Seasons 1 & 2) – PR

A story about dead people coping with the knowledge of their demise (not as dark as it sounds). Continue reading “The Good Place (Seasons 1 & 2) – PR”


Atypical (Season 2) – PR

A season that elevates its qualities from the start. Continue reading “Atypical (Season 2) – PR”

The Big Bang Theory (Seasons 1-11) – A Paragraph Review

A surprisingly funny show even after all this time. Continue reading “The Big Bang Theory (Seasons 1-11) – A Paragraph Review”

What about… Archer 9×01

With this premiere, Archer maintains its tone. Continue reading “What about… Archer 9×01”

Archer (Seasons 1-8) – A Paragraph Review

A dark comedy that doesn’t fail to deliver. Continue reading “Archer (Seasons 1-8) – A Paragraph Review”