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La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) – PR

A bit of an overrated show, but still has its fun moments. Continue reading “La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) – PR”


REC² (2009) – A Pocket Review

An over the top disappointing sequel to a great movie. After such an intense film as its predecessor, REC² had a lot to live up to. It is understandable that the directors wanted to adapt the plot to make it work on an entirely new live-action movie, however, the plot twist introduced in the beginning was so sudden that threw me off. After that, my eyes started focusing more and more on the problems that were rising as the movie went. When I watch something, I pay attention to mistakes, but if the good points outweigh the bad by a long shot, I tend not to notice them as much. It is like the bad parts are overshadowed by the good ones. This is not the case here. Continue reading “REC² (2009) – A Pocket Review”